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Virtual Tours of Harrow School

Virtual Tours of Harrow School

An Introduction to Harrow School

Harrow School was founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I. It is located in a large, leafy estate and is known as a centre of educational excellence with an abundance of cherished traditions, from its distinctive uniform and unique songs to its very own form of football. Find out a little more about the modern-day Harrow School in our official School video here.

Harrow School welcomes over 10,000 visitors each year on specially arranged guided tours. Our guides live and breathe Harrow School and have wide-ranging knowledge of its history and traditions, but then Covid-19 happened…

Virtual Tour of British Education

We were disappointed not to be able to welcome international tour groups visiting London, or our usual educational groups, to Harrow School during the Covid lockdowns, so we launched Virtual Tours in their absence and now, after lots of experience, would like to think we host some of the best virtual tours in London.

Our carefully curated Virtual Tour focuses on the history of Harrow School and allows us to continue to invite guests through our ‘virtual’ gates via the Zoom or Teams platforms. You don’t need to be there in person to experience the magic of the institution but, if you like, you can see an aerial video of Harrow School here.

Our tour starts right at the inception of Harrow School 450 years ago, when its founder, John Lyon, was granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I. Our guides have wide-ranging and extensive knowledge of the School’s history and site, it’s historic and modern buildings, and the daily life of boys at the School, looking at the way they live, their unique language, special sports, long-standing traditions and jam-packed curriculum. The tour also covers Harrow School’s role in the First and Second World Wars.

Should you have any specific interests and areas you wish our guide to focus on, this can be arranged. Simply contact our friendly team to share your ideas.

The Virtual Tour lasts one hour, consisting of a 45-minute tour followed by 15 minutes for Q&As.

Find out more by contacting tours@harrowschool.org.uk for more information.



‘Thank you so much for putting together an incredible presentation on Harrow School for the AJR! We had a great turnout and I know that everyone appreciated the huge effort you put into making this presentation – I’ve had several emails from my members asking me to pass on their thanks!”

Karen, Regional Groups Co-ordinator, Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR)