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Harrow On Film

Harrow On Film


Harrow School has featured as a location in a range of feature films, TV programmes, documentaries, music videos, commericals and photoshoots. Here’s a look at a few of them:

ITV’s Endeavour

Harrow School’s magnificent Speech Room featured in orchestra scenes in the ninth and final three part series of ITV’s Endeavour that aired in February 2023. The series stars Shaun Evans and Roger Allam and is set in 1972 fifteen years prior to the events that began the original Inspector Morse era.

Nike and Next

In October 2022 Harrow welcomed Nike Global Trainer Courtney Fearon for a special Nike and Next fitness shoot. Courtney filmed 7 half-time fitness challenges that aired during the 2022 FIFA World Cup shot across Harrow School’s sports facilities including our astros, football pitches, performance suite and running track.

Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone

The Fourth Form Room is the spiritual heart of Harrow School. The original Classroom dates back to 1615 and is where Harrow School first opened it’s doors.  The Wingardium Leviosa wand class scene from Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone was filmed in this ancient room packed with history.

Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott’s Antisocial Video

The music video for Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott’s Antisocial single was shot at Harrow School in The Alex Fitch Room (pictured), the Old Harrovian Room, Chapel Terrace, The Shepherd Churchill Dining Room, and in the Economics Classrooms and Fields in 2019.


The Tatler Schools Guide was shot at Harrow School with the cover shot on Chapel Terrace.

Ralph Lauren Polo

Ralph Lauren shot both internals and externals at Harrow School for their advertising campaign.