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Filming FAQs


When can we film?

We are available for filming and photoshoots during the School holidays, and on Exeat weekends (these occur every three weeks, bridging the gap between half term and the holidays).  You can view our Locations Availability Calendar for 2023 here.

Do the public have access through your site?

Most of our site is private property, only accessible by members of the School community. We can discuss public access rights with you on a locations tour so you know what restrictions there might be.

How does security work on site?

Harrow School has a security team and an external partner who provide security for the School and its property. It is the responsibility of the production company to provide any additional security beyond our normal provision.

What parking restrictions are there?

Harrow School benefits from a large amount of parking on site. If you are only filming on Harrow School property the School has a private car park at Garlands Lane, plus Parade Ground offering a unit base for up to 100 cars is available to hire.

Restrictions on the High Street are not as onerous as in central London, but you must speak to the Harrow Borough Council Film Office and arrange parking through the proper channels if you are using the roads and pavements.

Are road closures possible?

Yes. Harrow Borough Council should be approached on any issues relating to road closures. Virtually all the roads on the Hill, bar a few exceptions, are under the control of the council.

What is your relationship with the local Council and police?

Harrow School maintains a positive relationship with both Harrow Borough Council and the local police.

What else might go on at the School while filming is taking place?

Harrow School Enterprises Limited is charged with making additional revenue outside of term time. During the School holidays and Exeat weekends, summer school, revision courses, weddings, tours, conferences and filming take place. We always balance our activities to ensure the that Hill is not congested and that all activities can happen smoothly without impacting on each other or our local community.

What is your damage policy?

Any damage is the responsibility of the production company and must be paid for in full. Depending on the extent or nature of the damage, you may be required to use a School-nominated contractor.

What insurance is required?

All production companies must carry insurance for the nature of work they are undertaking. This usually includes public liability insurance and indemnity insurance.

What do we need to provide you with to film at Harrow?

We require a signed copy of our terms and conditions, proof of insurance, and any necessary certifications you need to provide to prove you have the relevant permission to undertake your work (e.g. road closure permission).

What precautions do we need to take to film at Harrow?

Harrow School has many historic buildings that are fragile and need protecting. All production companies will be briefed on additional requirements to ensure the protection of historic buildings.

What support do you provide during the day?

We will provide a member of staff throughout your shoot, to supervise your activity and to offer assistance where needed. A senior member of staff is also on call for more difficult situations that may occur, such as damage or liaison with members of the School or local community.

Do you allow technical recess?

We encourage all production companies to have an initial scouting visit. When you have decided to shoot at Harrow, it is normal practice to then arrange a technical recce. 


What noise restrictions are there?

We have no obvious noise restrictions other than those that are reasonable to the local community. If you intend to make a large amount of noise, we expect advance notice of this, and for the local community to be informed in advance.

What is the local community like?

The local community are used to filming and are, on the whole, supportive of the industry. Efforts should be made to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. The School makes up a large part of the community, so we can be of assistance in advising you on the best strategy for local engagement.

Is there a unit base on site?

We have a large unit base on site that can hold approximately 100 cars. We prefer all vehicles, apart from essential vehicles e.g. generators, to be stationed at the unit base to avoid disruption on the Hill.

What is your policy on sub-contractors on site?

Sub-contractors are your sole responsibility, and any issues or damage created by them will be charged to you.

What is your policy on crew numbers?

We require all production companies to provide us with an estimated crew number. You will then be issued with security passes for all crew. These passes must be worn during the shoot. As a School environment, child protection is our primary concern, so this identification is for safeguarding purposes.

What security checks must we provide?

All crew must wear any identification badges given to them. If you are employing additional security, it is your responsibility to ensure they have the correct qualifications and certificates. We may ask to see evidence of this.

Is there local power?

Local power is available if agreed in advance, but only for photo shoots or small-scale productions. You should bring your own generators to site.

Do you have a location handover procedure?

We conduct pre and post-shoot checks on the locations used. This will typically be done with the Locations Manager.

What freedom does our art department have?

We are relatively flexible in allowing art departments to transform locations. We require all requests to be agreed in advance as there may be requests that are not possible. All locations must be returned as found.

What is your policy on confidentiality?

If production companies require us to sign confidentiality agreements, we will adhere to them.

Do you offer protection from the press?

We are not able to provide protection from the press. If you are concerned about this, you must provide this service yourself.

Do you use film shoots for internal or external promotion?

Sometimes, we like to record the use of our site by production companies for promotion purposes. If we wish to do so, we will ask your permission in advance.

What vehicle restrictions apply on site?

We request that only the essential vehicles have access to the location site, with all others being parked on the unit base. Coaches frequently use our unit base, but if a large vehicle needs to come on site, the vehicle company may wish to check in advance that they are happy with the access arrangements.

Is there overnight access?

We lock our site down at night, but overnight access can be arranged with the appropriate reassurances.

What is your policy on catering?

You are at liberty to provide catering on the unit base through your suppliers, but not inside locations provided to you. Harrow School is also able to offer catering services on request.

Do you restrict the type of filming allowed on site?

As a school, and one in the public eye, we only permit filming and photography that will not bring the School into disrepute. We require details of all proposed activities.

What are your payment terms?

We require payment in advance for all filming and photography.

Are we allowed to use the Harrow School marks and branding?

You are not allowed to use the name of the School or its marks and branding without express permission of the School.

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