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HSFC Contacts

General Enquiries

020 8872 8106

Management & Facility Hire

Michael March, Sports Facilities Manager
020 8872 8304

Customer Service, Building & Swim School Enquiries

Fenella Walsh, Deputy Sports Facilities Manager
020 8872 8106

Fitness & Group Exercise

Nicky Dunbar, Senior Fitness Instructor
020 8872 8373

Cricket Nets & Pitches

Stephen Jones
020 8872 8349

Personal Training & Swiming

Here at HSFC we have a wide variety of dedicated Personal Trainers and Swimming Teachers who’s specialism is providing one to one coaching sessions for those who would like a little more assistance to achieve their goals.

Personal Trainers

Name: Adam Fedorciow
Email: adamfedorciow@gmail.com

Name: Jason Tse
Email: jason_tse888@hotmail.com

Name: Andrew Haston
Email: a.j.j.haston@gmail.com

Name: Emma Ludlow
Email: emma.ludlow@hotmail.co.uk

Name: Matt Wolstenholme
Email: matt@mattpt.co.uk

Name: Tom Downey
Email: ebtraining@gmail.com

Name: Matt Springham
Email: mattspringham@icloud.com

Name: Emma Rollings
Email: extremerepsuk@gmail.com

Name: Ansar Khaliq
Email: ansarkhaliq@hotmail.com

Name: Lucy Grimes
Email: lucy.b.grimes@gmail.com

Name: Wendy Hollis
Email: wendyhollis1968@outlook.com

Private Swimming Instructors

Name: Linda Wheable
Email: lindawheable@aol.com

Name: Janine Barclay
Email: janine@j9swimming.co.uk

Name: Amie Goldrick
Email: amiegoldrick@hotmail.co.uk

Name: Rose Nicolson
Email: rose.nicolson@hotmail.com

Name: John Nikolovski
Email: john13_planet@yahoo.co.uk

Name: Alberto Marigo
Email: alb.marigo@gmail.com

Name: Spiroulla Neocleous
Email: info@readysteadyswim.co.uk

Name: Spencer Reid
Email: spencerreid@hotmail.co.uk