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Early Public School Football Codes

Edited by Malcolm Tozer


Published by SUNNYREST BOOKS, October 2020

494 pages, 164 illustrations, bibliographies, footnotes, index


Britain is not necessarily the birthplace of football, but it is where its two principal codes, association and rugby, were given shape, form and discipline. The cradle for the codification of football was the nineteenth century public school: Puddings, Bullies & Squashes is the story of twenty of those schools and their versions of the game. Many were fashioned by the space available to them, whether grass or stone, large or small, kicking or handling. All were robust, vigorous and hazardous. With an introduction by the historian Tony Collins, this wide-ranging book gives a true flavour of the variety of those early public school football codes before the nationalisation of the game by the FA from 1863 and the RFU from 1871 ended the arguments about whose rules should take primacy.


The schools are Bradfield College, Charterhouse, Christ’s Hospital, Clongowes Wood College, Durham School, Edinburgh Academy, Eton College, Forest School, Harrow School, King’s School Canterbury, Marlborough College, Radley College, Repton School, Rugby School, Sherborne School, Shrewsbury School, Tonbridge School, Uppingham School, Westminster School and Winchester College.


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