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Course Dates April 2019

08-09 (Monday – Tuesday) – (Course Full)

10-11 (Wednesday – Thursday)

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+ Key Topics Covered

An initial timed assessment of students’ responses to reading and writing questions will identify strengths and weaknesses.

The course will concentrate on the two main areas to be examined for English. (It will not be possible to offer tuition for individual literary texts or anthologies).

  1. Reading and response to media*/non-fiction and literary texts from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. This is to evaluate how the candidate has understood aspects of the text such as style, content and meaning. * ‘media texts’ could be, for example: newspaper or magazine articles, brochures or web pages
  2. Writing tasks. These test the candidate’s ability to analyse, comment, argue, persuade or advise – perhaps in the form of a letter, speech or newspaper article.  Pupils also need to be able to write imaginatively and to compare texts.

Students will consider the appropriate style and presentation to adopt in relation to audience and purpose. In addition, students will write responses to questions in timed conditions, as well as using them as a basis for discussion with the tutor.

+ Assessment

Student/tutor interaction is an important part of the course. Students are encouraged to discuss topics and questions in considerable detail, and will be given one-to-one feedback on all the work they complete. They will also be given additional written work for evening homework during the course, as well as guidance on how best to continue their revision programme leading up to the examination.

+ Course Materials

Students will have ample opportunity to tackle past papers and sample papers. All materials will be provided.

+ Other Information

N.B: Students whose teachers have given them Pre-Release material should bring their own copies and any notes with them, as these will contain useful annotations and comments. Equally, students tackling poetry questions on an English Language paper should bring their poetry anthologies with them.

Please note that the emphasis given to particular topics will be weighted to the needs and requirements of the candidates in the group.