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Terms and Conditions

Harrow School Enterprises Limited is registered in England company number 1617359. Harrow School Enterprises Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harrow School (“The School”), registered charity number 310033.

A place on a course will be allocated upon receipt of full fees paid when booking. Please note that the place is not guaranteed until we have confirmed receipt in writing and full payment has been paid. On receipt of the full payment, all students are automatically and at no extra cost insured against cancellation and curtailment of their course for good reason. If we receive notice of cancellation before the 21 February 2018 the payment will be refunded minus £50.00 per course. Refunds will not be made for cancellation after such date or for absence from the course although many circumstances are covered by the insurance policy. Details are available on request. Cancellation or curtailment claims will have to be supported by documented proof.

Students, Parents and Guardians should note that if they book a course for the incorrect exam board and specification (syllabus) from the one the student is following for their exam, the student could find themselves being put into a class which is not suited to their needs. If, as a result of lack of information or misinformation provided to Harrow School, it is decided that a student will not benefit fully from the class, we reserve the right to ask the student not to attend as their continued presence may hinder the progress of other students in the class. In this case, there can be no refund of the course fees.

The School reserves the right to alter timetabling at short notice if necessary, while making every effort to keep the student informed in advance of such changes.

Student Insurance
In association with Gibbs Denley Insurance Services, we provide insurance cover which is specifically designed to meet the needs of our students coming on our courses. There is no extra charge for this cover, which comes into effect automatically upon receipt of full payment.

  • Cancellation / Curtailment Up to £7,500
  • Money * Up to £250
  • Course Fees Up to £7,500
  • Personal Liability Up to £2,000,000
  • Supplementary Travel & Accommodation Expenses Up to £5,000
  • Personal Injury Up to £25,000
  • Personal Belongings * Up to £2,000

The first £25 of each claim is excluded under the sections marked *

The above is a brief summary of the cover provided. Full policy terms and conditions are available from Harrow School. The policy is governed by English Law. The insurance is arranged by Gibbs Denley Insurance Services, Crystal House, Buckingway Business Park, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB4 5UL and underwritten by ACE European Group Ltd. Both are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Liability and Insurance
Although the School has public liability insurance, any liability of the School in respect of which the School has insurance cover shall be limited to the amount of such cover. Any liability to the student or parent/guardian in respect of which the School does not have insurance cover shall be limited to the aggregate amount of revision course fees paid in respect of the student. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions, however, shall operate to exclude any liability of the School for personal injury or death caused by negligence of the School, its servants or agents.

It shall be a condition of the contract between the School and the student or his or her parent or guardian that the School shall not in any way be liable to the student or the parent or guardian in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by the School becomes impossible to supply due to reasons outside the control of the School.

Course Rules

  1. Students are subject to the course rules. In particular, they are expected to attend all timetabled tuition and all supervised study periods.
  2. Drug-taking or possession of drugs or suspicion of drug-taking or possession of drugs of any kind will result in instant dismissal.
  3. Consumption or possession of alcohol by students of any age is not permitted.
  4. Smoking is not permitted inside the School buildings at any time. Students breaking this rule will be dismissed from the course.
  5. Any form of bullying or intimidating behaviour is strictly forbidden.
  6. Any damage to property, equipment or rooms for which the student is wholly or partially responsible will be charged to the student(s) or parent/guardian.
  7. Personal mobile phones must be turned off during all lessons and study periods.
  8. We reserve the right, unless informed to the contrary IN WRITING by the student (if 18 years old or over) or parent/guardian, to quote comments made by the student/parent/guardian in our future promotional materials.

Registered Charity Number 310033, VAT Reg. No. GB 115 1472 48