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GCSE HISTORY (Exam Technique)

Suitable for Exam Boards:
OCR, AQA, EDX and Eduqas
Course Code:

+ Course Dates April 2019

  • 14-15 (Sunday – Monday)

GCSE & IGCSE courses include 12 hrs of tuition taken over 2 full days. 9am to 5pm. It is ESSENTIAL that you read the accompanying course outline(s) before applying for the course.

+ Aim

This course aims to reinforce subject knowledge, hone examination technique and build individual confidence.

The course focuses on some of the core areas of the GCSE History specifications currently offered by the four major exam boards.

+ Key Topics Covered

The following topics will be used in illustration of key subject skills:

The origins of WWI and the Paris Peace Treaties of 1919 – 20

Europe and the road to WWII 1919 – 1939

From Tsarism to Stalinism: Russia 1905 – 1941

Germany 1918 – 45: from Weimar Republic to Third Reich

America 1945 – 1975

Medicine through time c.1000-present

War and British Society c.1000-present

Power: Monarchy and Democracy in Britain c.1000-present

Elizabethan England, 1558-1603


The following source skills will be discussed and developed:

Making inferences from sources

Analysing source message and purpose

Cross-referencing sources

Evaluating source utility


The following writing skills will be discussed and developed:

Approaching questions (recognising different question types, defining key terms and showing question focus)

Structuring essays (introductions, conclusions, constructing paragraphs)

Reaching a judgement (prioritising and linking factors)

Incorporating and evaluating evidence (from sources and from own knowledge)


The following interpretation skills will be discussed and developed:

Analysing historical interpretations (assessing provenance, understanding the authors motives)

Structuring interpretation answers (looking at evidence for and against, cross referencing interpretations)

Reaching conclusions (weighing up evidence and reaching a clear judgement)

Time management (How to complete interpretation questions in limited time)

+ Assessment

The course will include homework to be completed each night and students will answer mock exam questions to enable feedback.

+ Course Materials

Students should bring copies of their own specifications and their main textbooks. All other materials will be provided.

+ Other Information

A particular focus on the skills of answering structured questions and interpreting/evaluating sources. Pupils must be aware and understand that at times, areas that they are not studying may be covered, to ensure all students are catered for. In all cases, students should come to the first session with full details of the specification which they are studying and the topics to be examined on.

Please note that the emphasis given to particular topics will be weighted to the needs and requirements of the candidates in the group.

GCSE – 2 day course (12 hours of tuition) = £395

+ Discount Incentives (per single student booking)

Bookings over £1,000 – 2.5% discount

Bookings over £1,450 – 5% discount

Bookings over £1,950 – 10% discount