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Easter Revision Courses 2018 FAQs

What is the aim of the courses?

Our aim is to give the students exposure to exam style questions, fill in gaps in their knowledge and help them to improve their revision and exam techniques.

How do I book a course?

1. Review subjects and exam boards. Please ensure you have read the course outlines.
2. Ensure start dates do not clash.
3. Click book course and select course start date.
4. Check availability button.
5. Complete registration form.
Please ensure bookings are for individual students only.
If you require assistance, please contact Kim Tootill on 0208 872 8071 or email revision@harrowschool.org.uk

Who are the courses suitable for?

GCSE and IGCSE courses: are suitable for students in their final year of GCSE and IGCSE courses, usually students studying in Year 11. A Level Year 1/AS Level courses are suitable for students in the first year of their A Levels, usually Year 12. A Level Year 2 courses are suitable for students in the final year of the A Levels, usually Year 13. All courses are designed for exams to be taken in summer 2018.

Do I need a course if I’m predicted a good grade?

Revision courses are not just for students who are struggling with a subject. Our courses are taken by students who wish to ensure they get their predicted grade or even wish to increase it. Students predicted A* often come on our courses.

The courses aim to consolidate a student’s knowledge and help with examination technique so that students have extra confidence when it comes to taking the exams. The courses are designed to make the best of the revision time available over the Easter break.

How much can I expect to improve?

The courses are for revision of work already covered. If you have minor gaps in your knowledge, or areas you have covered already but have forgotten or not understood very well, the courses will help. However, in the short revision course period we are not able to teach every part of the subject and we do not suggest that by coming on our courses any student will be guaranteed a high grade. Grades are clearly also affected by the amount of revision each student does after the courses and by their actual performance during the exam.

What will I do during the course?

Each course is different but you can expect to get through a lot of practice exam questions. There will also be opportunities to ask the tutor for help with any queries you have.

What tier are the GCSE courses suitable for?

All the courses are designed for students taking higher tier examinations only. However, some courses may be helpful to students on the intermediate tier. Please check the specific course outline to check what topics will be covered.

I’m studying a different board to the one you cover. Will the course still be relevant?

Probably not. However if you are unsure, our advice would be to show our course outline to your teacher at school/college who will be able to advise you if the course is relevant to you.

How many subjects can I study?

For GCSE/IGCSE, students can study a maximum of five subjects, while for A Level the maximum is four subjects.

How many students are there in a class?

For GCSE/IGCSE subjects there is a maximum of ten students per class. For AS/A2 subjects, the maximum is eight students.

We believe that a class size smaller than the usual school class size is beneficial to allow students time to ask questions and gain confidence through receiving more individual attention.

If I am unable to attend a session or if I come late, what will I miss?

We strongly recommend that students attend all sessions. However, if for good reason you are unable to attend a session, your tutor should be able to give you notes and a brief overview of the work you missed. We are unable to guarantee exactly what will be covered on any given session as the courses are planned to allow maximum flexibility in catering for the needs of the students, concentrating on their particular weaknesses.

All lateness is noted and parents/guardians are informed. If students are persistently late, even by a few minutes, they may be excluded from the course, as lateness is disruptive to the other students. This also applies to punctuality in arriving back to classes after breaks.

Is there homework?

Yes, students are set mock examination questions in the evening.

If I miss a day/morning, can I have a reduction on fees?

No, this is not possible and we strongly recommend that you do not miss any part of the course.

Who are the teachers?

Some are from Harrow School and The John Lyon School (The John Lyon School is part of the same foundation as Harrow School). Others come from other reputable schools such as Radley College, Merchant Taylors’ School and Roedean School. All are selected by the same academic criteria as permanent Harrow School staff.

Why are they not all from Harrow School?

It is necessary to employ teachers from outside Harrow School in order to cover the broad range of boards and specifications on offer – most schools only offer one board per subject. Many of the staff have taught with us for many years. Some of the tutors are also national examiners. The Director of Studies, who oversees the academic quality of the courses, is a senior full-time Harrow School teacher.

Can I book a place over the phone?

You can reserve a place for up to two working days over the phone. However, we cannot guarantee a place until we have received a booking submitted online. After two working days, we will release the place.

What are the timings of the courses?

GCSE and IGCSE Courses run from 9 am until 5 pm.

A Levels start at either 9 am or 1:30pm and finish at 12:30 pm or 5:00 pm depending on your course dates.

At the start of each course students are required to complete their registration 15 minutes before the course is due to start.

Where is Harrow School and how can I get there?

Harrow School is located in Harrow on the Hill, in northwest London.

By train: the School is only a ten-minute walk from Harrow on the Hill station (Metropolitan & Chiltern Lines), which offers easy links from Central London and the Chilterns. The School is also only a fifteen-minute walk or a short bus ride from South Harrow station (Piccadilly Line).

By bus: the H17 and 258 frequently stop by the school.

By car: the northern and western sections of the M25 are only 30 minutes’ drive away, and the A40, A41, A1 and M1 are within easy driving distance of the School. Parking is available free of charge.

Is accommodation available?

We do not provide accommodation for students. For those students wishing to stay on the hill, The Old Etonian hotel is a short walk away or we can put you in touch with a provider of homestays in the Harrow area.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email on revision@harrowschool.org.uk or telephone on 020 8426 4638.