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Government & Politics


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+ Course Dates April 2019

  • 15-18 (Monday – Thursday)

A Level courses include 21 hrs of tuition taken over 3.5 days. It is ESSENTIAL that you read the accompanying course outline(s) before applying for the course.

+ Aim

The aim of the course is to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of both UK and US Politics in preparation for their A-Level Politics examinations. In addition to building confidence and developing exam technique, the course focuses on the nature of contemporary UK and US politics, political structures/systems, as well as political ideas and comparative theories.

+ Key Topics Covered

UK Politics:

Democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media.

UK Government:

The constitution, parliament, Prime Minister and executive, relationships between the branches.

Political Ideas:

Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism.

US Government:

The Constitution, the President and Executive branch, Congress and the US Supreme Court.

US Politics:

Electoral systems in the USA, political parties, interest groups and civil rights.

Comparative theories:




+ Assessment

The course will include homework to be completed each night and students will answer mock exam questions to enable feedback.

+ Course Materials

Students should bring copies of their own specifications and their main textbooks. All other materials will be provided.

+ Other Information

While there is very considerable overlap between the two exam boards, students may occasionally be taught something which is not on their specification to ensure that every student is catered for. Students will be informed of what topics are included on their particular exam board.

Please note that the emphasis given to particular topics will be weighted to the needs and requirements of the candidates in the group.

A-Level Courses – 3.5 days (21 hours of tuition) = £735

+ Discount Incentives (per single student booking)

Bookings over £1,450 – 5% discount

Bookings over £1,950 – 10% discount