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Year 1 Applied & Pure Maths


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+ Course Dates April 2019

  • 08-11 (Monday – Thursday)
  • 11-14 (Thursday – Sunday)

A Level courses include 21 hrs of tuition taken over 3.5 days. It is ESSENTIAL that you read the accompanying course outline(s) before applying for the course.

+ Aim

To build confidence and understanding of mathematical ideas.

To enable the student to interpret and solve mathematical problems.

To improve examination technique and to make the student aware of common examination errors.

To make the student fully aware of the content and emphasis of the specification.

To view and tackle specimen papers plus strengthen revision methods.

+ Key Topics Covered

Algebra and functions – Indices, Surds, Quadratics, Inequalities, Graph Transformations, Long Division & Factor Theorem, Factorising Cubics, Functions, Simultaneous Equations, Coordinate Geometry, y=mx+c , Circles.

Sequences and series –  Pascal’s Triangle, Factorial &   Binomial expansions of  &

Trigonometry –  Exact values & Graphs of Sinx, Cosx & Tanx, Solving Equations & Using Identities.

Differentiation –  Differentiation from first principles, First & second order derivatives, f1(x) & f’II(x), Tangents and Normals, Increasing & Decreasing Functions, Stationary Points, Optimisation.

Integration –  Reverse of differentiation, finding  given , Definite integration & finding Areas.

Exponentials and logarithms – graphs & solving equations, Laws of Logs, plotting logs to get straight lines.

Collection, Representation & Summary of Data – Measures of Spread & Location, Coding, Diagrams.

Correlation & Regression – Regression Line y on x, interpreting coefficients.

Probability, Discrete Random Variables & Hypothesis Testing – Venn & Tree Diagrams, Binomial

Constant Acceleration – Displacement & Velocity-Time Graphs, Derive and use SUVAT equations, Gravity

Forces & Motion – Diagrams & Resultants, Vectors i & j notation, N2L, Connected Particles, Pulleys, Lifts

Variable Acceleration – Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration, Differentiation & Integration.

+ Assessment

The course will include homework to be completed each night and students will answer exam questions to enable feedback.

+ Course Materials

Students must have the appropriate Calculator for Statistical work e.g. Casio CLASSWIZ or equivalent

All other materials will be provided. Students will receive specimen papers and mark schemes.

+ Other Information

Please note that the emphasis given to particular topics will be weighted to the needs and requirements of the candidates in the group.

A-Level Courses – 3.5 days (21 hours of tuition) = £735

+ Discount Incentives (per single student booking)

Bookings over £1,450 – 5% discount

Bookings over £1,950 – 10% discount