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Applied Maths


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+ Course Dates April 2019

  • 08-11 (Monday – Thursday)
  • 11-14 (Thursday – Sunday)

A Level courses include 21 hrs of tuition taken over 3.5 days. It is ESSENTIAL that you read the accompanying course outline(s) before applying for the course.

+ Aim

  • To build confidence and understanding of mathematical ideas.
  • To enable the student to interpret and solve mathematical problems.
  • To improve examination technique and to make the student aware of common examination errors.
  • To make the student fully aware of the content and emphasis of the specification.
  • To view and tackle specimen papers plus strengthen revision methods.

+ Key Topics Covered

  1. Collection, Representation & Summary of Data – Sample & Population, Census, Sampling Units & Sampling Frame, Random/Systematic/Stratified/Quota & Opportunity Sampling, Continuous & Discrete Data, Mean/Median/Mode & Quartiles, Variance/Standard Deviation, Coding, Outliers & Box-Plots, Cumulative Frequency, Histograms, Comparing sets of Data. Large Data Sets.
  2. Correlation & Regression – Scatter Diagrams, Independent/Dependent Variables Visual interpretation of Correlation, The Regression Line y on x, interpreting coefficients, using for predictions and dangers of extrapolation.
  3. Probability – Venn Diagrams and Set notation, Tree Diagrams, Independent and mutually exclusive events.
  4. Discrete Random Variables – Probability Distributions, Discrete Uniform and Binomial Distributions.
  5. Hypothesis Testing – Null & Alternative Hypothesis, One & Two tailed Tests, Critical Regions.
  6. Constant Acceleration – Displacement & Velocity-Time Graphs, Derive and use SUVAT equations, Gravity.
  7. Forces & Motion – Force diagrams & Resultant Forces, Vectors i & j notation, Newton’s Second Law, Connected Particles including Pulleys, Lift problems.
  8. Variable Acceleration – Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration as Functions of Time, Differentiation & Integration to solve Kinematics problems.

+ Assessment

The course will include homework to be completed each night and students will answer exam questions to enable feedback.

+ Course Materials

Students should bring copies of their own specifications and their main textbooks. All other materials will be provided.

+ Other Information

Please note that the emphasis given to particular topics will be weighted to the needs and requirements of the candidates in the group.

A-Level Courses – 3.5 days (21 hours of tuition) = £735

+ Discount Incentives (per single student booking)

Bookings over £1,450 – 5% discount

Bookings over £1,950 – 10% discount