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Biology Year 1


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+ Course Dates

A Level courses include 6 hrs of tuition per full day and 3 hours per half day. It is ESSENTIAL that you read the accompanying course outline(s) before applying for the course.


+ April 2018

  • 04 – 06 (Wednesday AM – Friday AM)
  • 09 – 11 (Monday AM – Wednesday AM)


+ Aim

The aim of this course is to revise the core topics for the four main Biology specifications. As far as possible, the sessions will be tailored to the needs of the students. This revision course is primarily designed for students who are:

  • Preparing for the AS Biology examinations in summer 2018 after their first year of the A-level course.
  • Preparing for A-level examinations in summer 2018 at the end of the two year Biology course and who wish to revise the Year 1 Biology topics.
  • Preparing for school exams at the end of year 12 and who wish to consolidate their understanding of the first year of the A-level Biology course.

+ A Level Courses – 2.5 day course (15 hours) = £515

+ Discount Incentives (per single student booking)

Bookings over £1,000 – 2.5% discount
Bookings over £1,500 – 5% discount
Bookings over £1,900 – 10% discount

+ Early Bird Discount

In addition to the above, bookings made by MIDDAY on Wednesday 21/02/18 will receive an extra £40 off each course booked (with promotional code EARLYBIRD)

Course fees include all tuition, insurance cover, stationery, photocopying, past papers, end of course report & lunch.

Key Topics Covered

  1. Inorganic Ions: The role of inorganic ions.
  2. Water: its polarity, ability to form hydrogen bonds, surface tension, as solvent properties.
  3. Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins: structure and function of these biological molecules.
  4. Microscopes: resolution and magnification.
  5. Eukaryote and Prokaryote cell structure.
  6. DNA and RNA: Structure and replication.
  7. Cell membrane structure and transport: The fluid mosaic model, diffusion, water potential, active transport.
  8. Enzymes: The induced fit theory. The effect of temperature pH, etc.
  9. Biology and Maths: Calculation of Rate, Chi Square test, T test etc.

+ Two topics from the following list as requested:

  1. Cell division: Mitosis, meiosis, crossing over, independent assortment.
  2. Gas Exchange: Surface area to volume ratio, exchange in fish, insects and mammals.
  3. Haemoglobin: the oxygen dissociation curve and the Bohr shift.
  4. Transpiration and Translocation: The structure of xylem and phloem. The cohesion tension theory, the photometer.
  5. Circulation: closed and open, blood vessels.
  6. Taxonomy: Five kingdoms, three divisions.
  7. Digestion: Role of enzymes, absorption, ruminants


The course will include homework to be completed each night and students will answer mock exam questions to enable feedback.

Course Materials

Students should bring copies of their own specifications and their main textbooks. All other materials will be provided.

Other Information

Students might find it useful to bring homework questions they found difficult.