A Long and Winding Road - The Story of John Lyon's Charity

441 years ago John Lyon's Charity was established to spread gravel to maintain the Edgware and the Harrow Roads. As a grant-giving trust, it celebrates its 21st year of grant-giving in 2013. To date it has distributed over £72million to charitable causes. A Long and Winding Road - The History of John Lyon's Charity records the intriguing story of how, as a result of the Founder of Harrow School giving its Governors the responsibility for laying gravel to repair these roads, the foundations for a modern grant-giving trust with assets now worth in excess of £242million were laid. There are disputes in the courts and issues with the Charity Commission, culminating in ten years of tortuous and frustrating negotiation to change the purposes of the Charity. The book has been written by Nick Owen, the Harrow School governor with primary responsibility for the Charity through its transforming years. It includes extensive features of recent grant programmes with contributions from the Charity's staff, advisors and those directly involved with the recipient charities and boroughs. “I set out to write a story, not a history, and to track the Charity through all of its 441 years in the context of the social, educational and political events and customs of the time. As a former Governor myself, I am astonished at how the Charity has blossomed under the light touch of its trustees. It was indeed fortunate to be left what became the most valuable of the Founder’s investments and to find the right time to start on its new objectives.” Nick Owen

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